prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Svítek, dr. h. c. (Keynote speaker) The Dean of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague, is a leading expert in the field of Smart Cities and a keen Smart Cities evangelist. He is a president of the Czech Smart City Cluster and a member of the City of Prague committee for development of the Smart Cities concept in Prague, which allows him to connect research, industry, municipalities and decision makers to work together to make our cities smarter. He has more than three hundred scientific publications, but is also active in popularization of Smart Mobility and Smart Cities topics to general public.

Jaroslav Mach (speaker) head of Transport Development Unit, Prague City Hall. Started to work for the city of Prague as road safety specialist, now he leads a unit with responsibility for broad aspects of sustainable transportation including accessibility of public transport and design for all concept in the city, cycling, walking and road safety. He also cooperates on preparation of Prague’s first Sustainable mobility plan.

Mattijs MAUSSEN (mentor) is a curator of creative processes for large scale European cultural interventions and innovations. He initiates partnerships of Enterprises, Ministries and large Cities and engaged public interest groups and sets the first steps together with them to make the idea work. Before starting his own company Mattijs worked as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and build a practise around migration, culture and education. All over Europe he has led numbers of projects including doing European Commission studies, making Country strategies work, writing Regional Subsidy Project Selection programmes, drawing Transnational development plans, designing Public Procurement processes and managing European Funding schemes. During his work in the field of migration he has worked in 65 countries.

Jakub Jurovych (judge) is a Chief Technology Officer at Operam. He graduated from Masaryk University and has a Master’s degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. He’s a co-founder of Hack Cambridge, the biggest hackathon in the UK. He has been writing code and developing products since early childhood, now he’s leading engineering and design teams in Bratislava, Prague and Los Angeles.

Jarmila Plachá (judge) During my 15+ year career in senior managerial roles at telco and banking, I have gained a wealth of experience in marketing, advertising, communications, business strategy and product management, and have managed large multinational teams across several countries. I’ve spent nearly 6 years working abroad, leading different corporate group projects. During the last two years I built a digital ICT accelerator for Telefonica, Wayra CEE, and created portfolio of digital startups to grow the core business of Telefonica. My current mission is to help ŠKODA AUTO to create future customer driven mobility solutions and enter into the digital age through successful synergies between ICT startup world and implementation of profitable innovations.

Jana Filová (mentor) is working at SKODA Production and logistics on digital technology, Industry 4.0 and Business 4.0 projects. I have extensive experience in market analysis and strategies, new product development and testing, innovation marketing and business improvement. Industry 4.0; Business 4.0; IoT; IIoT; Big Data; Predictive Analytics.

David Harazim (mentor) is leading the project Green Future in ŠKODA AUTO, especially the topic environmental friendly production with using the norms ISO 14 001 and ISO 50 001. I am also ensuring communication environment topics and taking care of information exchange with concern Volkswagen. Green Solutions; Smart Infrastructure.

Petr Ungerman (mentor) is responsible for coordination of innovation management, logistics strategy, Green Logistics, PR Logistics of ŠKODA AUTO and cooperation with universities. Current projects on which I am working are: the implementation of Industry 4.0 elements into logistics – augmented reality, virtual reality and autonomous logistics. Autonomous Logistics, Green Logistics.

Aliaksandr Vasiliuk (mentor) For a long time my work is connected with transports and warehouse business. At present my job is planning transports from SKODA PARTS CENTRUM (road/air/sea), Express Air Transports (Export and Import), work with SKODA contract transports companies and entrance interview with a new transport companies. From the end 2016 be a new member of SKODA Green Logistics team. Innovative use of traffic data; Smart infrastructure based on IoT; Clean mobility; Semi and fully autonomous vehicles.

Tomáš Němeček (mentor) is working as a software developer focused on .NET and Azure technologies. I am also a supervisor for Skoda2Go car sharing project which is trying to become the solution for sharing internal Skoda company cars. Car sharing, smart mobility, IoT.

Vojtěch Mikát (mentor) is business intelligence expert with overlap to IT architecture. Currently dealing with Big data and Advanced analytics (data science) topics mainly as a Technical project manager. International experience with successful IT deliveries (Germany, Russia, India).

Lukas Dostal (mentor) is the founder and CEO of HelliT, Prague digital agency specialising in design and development of WordPress websites and online marketing. As a passionate entrepreneur Lukas helps companies to become more successful in the digital world. When he’s not traveling or meeting new people, you’ll find him exploring cool new products and technologies.

Petr Průcha (judge) has long lasting experience from management consulting and executive roles in energy industry. He managed business development activities in innogy Energie in Czech republic. He has led electricity retail market entry in a company that was originally specialized in gas sales, and contributed to introduction of other innovative products and services to the market. Currently he is leading Retail Energy Management department, where he focuses on wholesale energy procurement, energy products structuring and market risk management. Petr is an advocate of liberalized markets and believes in disruption and technology progress in traditionally stable and rigid industries and other areas of humans life.

Pavel Hübner (mentor) has been an electronics enthusiast from his early childhood. He has led several successful R&D projects in Jablotron, the leading security system company. He is a co-founder and CTO of BigClown Labs, a start-up company developing open-source electronics for home automation projects. His biggest passion is the universe of embedded technologies and hardware design.

Karel Blavka (mentor) is an experienced software engineer who has no fears to experiment with the most cutting-edge technologies. He has a strong background in audio processing and automated speech to text recognition systems acquired in the academic field. He is a full-time developer in BigClown Labs holding responsibility for Linux environment, Python and Node.js scripting and high-level hardware integration.

Paul Bauer (mentor) is Senior Software Engineer, Mojio.

Ota Mráz (judge & speaker) has 10 years of experience in telco industry – mobile data, connectivity. Business owner of newly launched product Chytré auto T-Mobile on the Czech market. Bringing innovative partherships to live.

Tomas Horak, Ph.D. (mentor) is an Assistant Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences. His professional interests include Smart Cities with focus on Smart Mobility, Logistics and International Education Opportunities with focus on Dual-Degree Programs. He is active in the faculty administration as the Deputy Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs. He has international experience from working as a visiting professor at The University of Texas at El Paso, USA as well as from his studies at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. In 2016 he participated as one of the organizers and as a mentor in the Smart Cities Hackathon in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Ing. Jiří Pohl – (judge & mentor) graduated on technical high school with focus on transportation. Right after school Mr. Pohl started to work for railways as fireman on steam locomotives. Afterwards he studied electric traction at Prof. Jansa, University of Transportation in Žilina, Slovakia. In the years 1975 – 2000 he worked as planning engineer of electrical package for vehicles, later on as chief designer in the company ČKD. Since 2000 Mr. Pohl has been working in Siemens company , division Mobility, business unit Engineering. He is responsible for cross-sectional strategical development projects; growth of professional qualification of EN developers in Prague and Ostrava in form of specialized lectures within so called Rail Academy. He teaches at universities in CZ and abroad, writes articles for specilized magazines and speaks at conferences.

Ing. Jan Verner (mentor) graduated on Brno university of technology – Faculty of information technology. Started his carreer in Siemens in 2007 as C# developer in the area of ITS – Intelligent Traffic Systems. Jan is curently heading whole development department in Brno with 70 developers. He is also doing lectures about software development and testing, agile development and management courses on several universities.

Ing. Lukáš Duda (mentor) graduated on CVUT Prague university, Faculty of transportation. Started to work as a traffic engineer in the Eltodo company in 2007. Main scope of employment was design signalized intersections including traffic solution, tunnel systems or calculation capacity of roads and junctions, later on leader of traffic engineering department. In 2016 he started to work in Siemens company. Lukáš currently works as a tester of new controller sX and webGui, try to use his experiences from previous job to make Siemens products the best possible.

Frantisek Vasek (mentor) is industry specialist and manager in utility sector with broad experience from electricity and gas markets since the early stage of liberalization. His expertise covers regulation, consulting with focus on new business development as well as marketing and sales. His current role in innogy is to look for and kickstart business ideas for the future of the energy sector, which is going through dramatic changes thanks to phenomena like digitzation and decentralization. This role involves a lot of cooperation with new market players, startups and bright heads. Frantisek is also technology enthusiast, who likes to do diy, play with new gadgets, design apps, services etc.

David Bures (mentor) works for Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia as Technical Evangelist. Previously, he served as Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead Solution Architect in different companies (Logos, Xacti, SolarWinds, Honeywell), where he worked on various large projects with different platforms: ASP.NET MVC, C #, ORM, Hadoop, HBAs, EMS …

Martin Šimeček (mentor) works for Microsoft Czech Republic & Slovakia as a Technical Evangelist. His job is to discover and learn what’s new with Microsoft technologies for developers and then pass this information forward, so that developers have enough information to be efficient and benefit from the technology. He does trainings, consultations, records videos and screencasts, talks at conferences and works with ISV parters on their projects. His primary areas of focus are Microsoft Azure, mobile apps, gaming and conversational bots.

Jan Hájek (mentor) is interested into many different technologies, not limited to the Microsoft ones. My major interests are Windows Server, Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. I develop in PHP and JavaScript (and Node.js) on Microsoft Azure. I contribute to some open source libraries and I publish some of my own. I really like to share my experience with variety of the technologies and I am also very interested into learning other’s experiences.

Jiří Kracík (mentor) is a senior consultant EY in Power&Utilities Group in Advisory in Prague. He demonstrates a strong background in power engineering with his expertise in operation planning of the power plants, mathematical modelling (MILP), creation of profit maximizing optimization algorithms or development and integration of the software solutions. His experience includes leading the Hydro Power Plant team dealing with the optimization software procurement including the execution of both technical specification as well as the verification of the feasibility study.

Andrea Ćirlićová (mentor) is part of the EY Smart Cities and Innovation team. She has worked on projects looking into the business potential of smart city solutions, especially smart mobility and smart grids, and develops smart cities implementation strategies, incl. a Smart Cities Index. She is currently the project manager for the Green City Action Plan development project for the City of Yerevan. Andrea has also extensive experience from the gas industry where she had worked in various positions for over 12 years.

Zuzana Nehajová (mentor) is a senior manager leading a foundation of Innovation Centre within EY. She possesses extensive knowledge of the innovation industry in public and private sector. Promoting Public-Private Partnerships and close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, she co-authored the Smart Industry Strategy for Slovakia, and has advocated support for clusters and up scaling and modernization of SMEs.

Juraj Hošták (mentor) joined EY as a senior consultant and demonstrates a strong background in innovation strategies in public and private sector, capturing new opportunities for smart solutions with a main focus on Smart City services for regions and cities. His expertise includes open government, data analytics, benchmarking and establishment of cities and regions as test beds for innovation. His interests are IoT capable solutions and gadgets, data-based business models and turning data into added value in general.

Armina Šepić (mentor) is a Senior Manager in EY responsible for EY’s IoT offering portfolio at EMEIA level (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa). She brings an extensive knowledge of IoT and has been leading internal IoT network, recent sales enablement campaigns and capabilities build. She designed a training program “Transformation powered by disruptive technologies” targeted to EY’s Managers through Partners. She has been working with a number of EY key alliance partners (technology providers) on co-innovation concepts and joint go-to-market strategy and offerings built on IoT technologies, for example use of video analytics for traffic and people flow optimization for Smart Cities.

Daniela Kuklová (mentor) is a consultant and demonstrates a strong background in startup ecosystem at the international scale. She has graduated from London university where she was also a part of innovation hub located in Silicon Roundabout, which aimed to help startups to accelerate their growth. She currently works in Innovation Centre within EY specializing on the topic of smart cities – smart school, citizen engagement, education-, and also corporate innovation – future workforce and customer experience -. Her strong interests are sustainable technological solutions in the area of mobility and energy and development of new holistic business models.

Jan Sedivy (mentor) has after 18 years experience in the industry returned to CTU, CIIRC, Prague. He is responsible for technology transfer. He is a director of the CVUT MediaLab Foundation He has worked in Google (2008-2010) as a Technical Lead Manager and in IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. He was a research staff member (1992-2000) and research manager (2000-2008). He has been leading many world wide research and development projects. He holds 19 US patents. His interests are AI, ML, NLU, mobile, internet, cloud computing.

Ondřej Profant (mentor) is an opensource and opendata evangelist. He has founded the Prague city-wide opendata portal. He is a Python programmer and Linux admin. Since 2014 Profant is also member of the Prague City Assembly. He is also a passionate cyclist.

David Szendzielarz (mentor & judge) heads the newly-formed Urban Logistics department at P3 Logistic Parks, pan-European owner, developer and manager of logistics properties. His background spans the disciplines of property acquisition, retail and industrial development and leasing. He also co-founded the Fashion Days eCommerce site selling high-street fashion online in 9 countries, before selling it to the Naspers group.

Ing. Tomáš Poláček (mentor) studied radioelectronics at Czech Technical University in Prague (Faculty of Electrical Engineering). Since 1990 he devoted himself to development of security systems for buldings and cars within a family company. After studies he worked for Jablotron s.r.o. where he focused on development of a manufacturing tester. Later on, within his own initiative, developed a system for monitoring deep freezers temperatures used in healthcare. Since 2007 he also worked for STMicroelectronics Design and Application s.r.o., Texas Instruments CZ, s.r.o. and HAIDY a.s., where he worked as Business Development Manager taking care of product portfolio and export. In 2016 he joined SimpleCell Networks a.s. team where he develops Sigfox network ecosystem as Business Development Manager.

Pavel Sodomka (mentor) started his career as Strategic Advisor to the Director of Czech Centres and he was at the birth of first official Czech website. At 1994 he became one of the first employees of Microsoft Czech Republic responsible for marketing. Since 1999 he started to develop, together with other innovators, portal where he was also a majority shareholder. His companies (Pozitiv and were first who brought audio and video streaming to Czech Republic. After successfull sale of he co-founded non-profit organization Radost 3.0, invested into ekolo (e-bikes company) and invested in netmail, who was the first official Google Apps partner in Czech Republic. At 2014 he partnered with Jan John and together they started to develop Internet of Things network based on Sigfox technology.

Václav Veselý (mentor) is nourished by enthusiasm. Technically gifted and experienced; economist with creative, yet responsible approach to solve sophisticated situations and challenges with over than 14 years of experiences in ICT. Naturally communicative, always positively tuned for new calls and practical tasks. Able to motivate, manage and be managed. Excels in analytical thinking with attention to detail. Prepared to skillfully and quickly utilize and further develop personal and professional skills, knowledge and experience in managerial position. Expects complex focus combining perfect communication, technical, business, analytical and marketing knowledge and skills at third era company which has a clear vision, smart goals and thrives interconnect technology, people and excellent ideas.

Filip Kolář (mentor) started his carreer as IT infrastructure specialist at various companies and since 2010 he worked at Netmail, where he held several positions from Network Infrastructure Specialist to Cloud Deployment Engineer at which he managed technical part of cloud integration projects for their important customers like Kofola, Economia, Česká Spořitelna (Erste Group) and others. Since 2016 he joined SimpleCell Networks a.s. team where he leads internal IT as Chief Information Officer. In addition to CIO position he also supports their sales team, takes care of customer support and develops software solutions for various Sigfox use-cases.

Václav Strnad (judge & mentor) is member of the Board and CTO in municipal company Operátor ICT. He is responsible for the transport card project “Lítačka”. Now he is working with his team on the next step – Multichannel Traffic System for public transport in Prague area. He has a Master`s degree in Information systems and Management from Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Information Technology.
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