Zbyněk Solecký (judge) is CFO at innogy Energie in the Czech Republic. He graduated in mathematics and started his professional career in banking. Later on he has gained an extensive experience in the energy industry, where he has worked in executive roles in the Finance area for almost 20 years. Besides an outstanding understanding of energy business he has deep knowledge of Corporate Finance and Risk Management. He is very interested in developing new business models delivering value to both customers and shareholders.

Miloš Mastník (judge) is on the position of CCO of České Radiokomunikace (CRA) since October 2016. He spearheads the commercial activities of CRA including product management, sales support and customer solutions. Miloš Mastník is also responsible for marketing and customer care management. He has a long-term experience in telco area in which he operates since 2000. Two years before joining CRA he was head of sales and marketing in ČD-Telematika, where he also focused on the IoT services business strategy. He gained his experience in Český Telecom, and for many years he occupied senior positions in GTS Czech, GTS Central Europe or T-Mobile Czech Republic. Miloš Mastník studied at University of Economics in Prague where he currently gives lectures. He also got MBA at University of Pittsburgh.

Svatopluk Vnouček (judge) is a graduate of the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague (Heavy-Current Electrical Engineering), he has worked in the energy sector since 1993. He has worked at ČEPS since it was formed in 1998 and has held various positions both in transmission and system services. He was a member of the UCTE and ENTSO-E international working groups.University of Pittsburgh.

Blahoslav Němeček (judge) is an Associate Partner in EY´s Advisory P&U Group in the Czech Republic. He holds M.A. in Economics and Management of Energy Industry and Ph.D. in Business Management and Economics from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Prior to joining EY he worked as a Vice Chairman and Director for Regulation at the Czech Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). Besides an outstanding understanding of energy business he implemented of new legislation (national REMIT, EMIR) into process of energy companies (ČEZ, E.ON), designed of new RES scheme in Slovakia (OKTE). He is interested in redesigning power and gas EU Market. He introduced Smart Energy Solutions and Renewable Sources of Transport.

Ing. Vladimír Zadina (judge) is a director of the Smart Prague Department in the municipal enterprise Operátor ICT. He’s experienced in modern technology implementation in city management, innovative projects and financing via European funds. He’s former manager of Smart City Department in Písek and he also worked on concept development for Žďár nad Sázavou and several municipal districts in Prague. Most of his expertise come from time he spent at the Ministry of Regional Development where his main focus was the use of European funds to finance Smart City initiatives.

Jan Konrád (judge) studied international relations at University of Economics and law at the Faculty of Law of Charles University. From the beginning, his professional career lied in IT. In 1997, he started working as a code writer for Unicorn Systems a.s. After several technical and management positions, he ended up as a Member of the Board responsible for international expansion of Unicorn Systems. Since 1999, Jan Konrád has been systematically cultivating business activities of the company in the energy industry and continues to supervise all strategic activities in this field even now.

Matthias Glodny, Dipl. –Ing. (judge) is Head of Productmanagement at ŠKODA AUTO, Electric and Midsize Car Division. After his abroad experience in Italy, he joined the Volkswagen Group in 1998. He has worked on various management positions for AUDI AG, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., Volkswagen AG and SEAT, S.A. Since June 2016 brought Matthias his international and longtime project and product management skills to ŠKODA AUTO, where he overtook, among others, responsibility for electric car projects.

Karel Vinkler, Ing. MBA (mentor) is graduated Engineer of cybernetics and electrical systems, completed postgraduate studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague and the program Master of Business Administration at Nottingham Trent University. He has worked in the energy sector since 1986 in various analytical and management positions. During his career he was responsible for generation portfolio optimization, dispatch control, trading at electricity and ancillary services market, hedging generation assets. He specializes in the power system modeling and adequacy assessment and strategic management. He was a member of various working groups of international organizations CENTREL, EURELECTRIC and ENTSO-e.

Frantisek Vasek (mentor) has a broad experience across electricity and gas markets since the early stage of liberalization. His expertise covers regulation, consulting with focus on new business development as well as marketing and sales throughout industries. Currently, as a Senior Manager at innogy, he´s leading team looking for an innovative business ideas that will shape the energy future. Frantisek is also a technology enthusiast, who likes to play with new gadgets, design apps, services and all kind of DIYs.

Radka Grinčová (mentor) is a digital marketing expert, focusing on digital analytics across all channels at innogy. Besides dealing with all things data, she also has experience with implementation of various digital technologies, such as email marketing software, webchat or data management platform. Currently she is actively engaged in rolling out common programmatic marketing approach within innogy group. Radka is a tech-savvy person and already looks forward to all the innovative ideas of hackathon attendees.

Tomáš Kundrata (mentor) is an expert in energy data modelling working at innogy. His role involves a lot different responsibilities as creation and implementation of risk models, energy consumption predictions, calculation of portfolio sensitivity, temperature effects and others. Besides strong understanding or energy sector, he has a previous experience in the banking sector, developing models for predictions of exchange rates, hedge models or developing an application for time management. During his post gradual studies, he led team responsible for modelling CFD at Fire Technical Institute. His strong interests are econometrics and machine learning, therefore he’s more than happy to share his knowledge in this area.

David Konvalina (mentor) is a Head of Retail Sales&Marketing at innogy. During his 15 year career in managerial roles in banking and energy industry, he has gained an extensive experience in marketing, segment management and product management. One of his biggest achievement is the electricity retail market entry in a company that was originally specialized only in the gas sales. Moreover, he has contributed to the introduction of several innovative products and services to the market. David has natural leaderships and mentoring skills and he’s ready to help teams to reach their goal.

Michaela Kučerová (mentor) is leading several IT projects in Retail area, mainly focused on Business Intelligence & Analytics with overlap to IT architecture and Backend systems. She is passionate about new sustainable solutions in the area of e-mobility and activities around that. Michaela would love to integrate more smart energy into the Czech market and change the mindset of local people (of course, in a positive way).

Marcin Kolago (mentor) is nurturing new ventures at the innogy Innovation Hub. He is an avid generalist, with experience all over the energy retail and grid value chain. He has been helping early stage startups as mentor and investor. He can help you create a great pitch, challenge your business model, brainstorm ideas how to get insights to verify the key hypotheses behind your idea.

Petr Dohnal (mentor) has an extensive experience not only in energy industry, but also within public sector and government administration. Currently, as a Senior Manager, he is leading innogy business activities in the B2B segment of the Czech Republic – East Region and North Morava. Besides his long lasting knowledge of the commodity trade, he´s more and more involved in non-commodity products as well. Therefore, he can help you with great B2B customer insights and energy trading overview.

Dominika Šubáková (mentor) has a various experience from the energy and start-up scene across several departments at innogy, e.g Innovation Hub in Berlin and Retail business. Her daily work involves a variety of tasks from market analysis, design and product development, prototyping and testing to product finalization in both B2C and B2B sector. Currently, her focus is placed on new business models in the area of e-mobility and Smart Home. Dominika is a huge fan of new smart solutions that make our daily life easier and she´s ready to help you create such a product.

Ondřej Prejzek (mentor) is the BD & Innovation Director at the Car Distribution and Retail division of the AutoBinck Group. He has gathered experience in both automotive and mobility technology and business starting his career as R&D engineer at Porsche and then working as strategy consultant at BCG and Ricardo Strategy Consulting in Prague, Munich and Detroit. Ondrej holds a Ph.D. degree in structural mechanics from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague.

David Miklas (mentor) founded two startups that he sold afterwards to bigger companies. During his carreer, he was responsible mainly for business strategy, business development, and product design. With his last company he focused on manufactuirng 3D printers so he has strong knowledge in rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

Tomas Horak, Ph.D. (mentor) is an Assistant Professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences. His professional interests include Smart Cities with focus on Smart Mobility, Logistics and International Education Opportunities with focus on Dual-Degree Programs. He is active in the faculty administration as the Deputy Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs. He has international experience from working as a visiting professor at The University of Texas at El Paso, USA as well as from his studies at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. In 2016 he participated as one of the organizers and as a mentor in the Smart Cities Hackathon in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Zuzana Nehajová (mentor) is a senior manager leading a foundation of Innovation Centre within EY. She possesses extensive knowledge of the innovation industry in public and private sector. Promoting Public-Private Partnerships and close collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, she co-authored the Smart Industry Strategy for Slovakia, and has advocated support for clusters and up scaling and modernization of SMEs.

Daniela Kuklová (mentor) is a consultant at EY and demonstrates a strong background in the startup ecosystem at the international scale. She has graduated from London university where she was also a part of innovation hub located in Silicon Roundabout, which aimed to help startups to accelerate their growth. She currently works in Innovation Hub within EY specializing on the topic of smart cities – sustainable generation of energy in the cities, participative budgeting, citizen engagement -, and also corporate innovation – innovation communication strategy, idea generation process, co-design, customer experience.

Pavel Kuka (mentor) is a consultant within the InnovEYtion Hub. Since joining EY, Pavel has worked with clients from both private and public sector identifying innovation opportunities and drafting strategies to embrace disruptive trends. The majority of projects Pavel is working on are aimed at developing and implementing elements of the Smart City concept – mainly in the area of IoT. Off work, he is curiously monitoring the evolution of transhumanist movements, fresh discoveries in disruptive tech and technoethics.

Juraj Hošták (mentor) joined EY as a senior consultant and demonstrates a strong background in innovation strategies in public and private sector, capturing new opportunities for smart solutions with a main focus on Smart City services for regions and cities. His expertise includes open government, data analytics, benchmarking and establishment of cities and regions as test beds for innovation. He supported the Slovak government in establishing the Smart Energy working group and worked on developing the national Smart Energy action plan. His interests are IoT capable solutions and gadgets, data-based business models and turning data into added value in general.

Ondřej Průša (mentor) is a Senior Consultant at EY’s Advisory P&U team in the Czech Republic. During his two-year consulting practice, he has been dealing with many facets of the current energy industry including EU gas market and gas storage, ESCO products and strategy, alternative fuels in transportation, electricity trading platforms and various regulatory issues. Ondřej studied economics and management in Prague and Grenoble. In his free time he enjoys doing e-commerce and playing the trumpet. He will happily try and help develop out-of-the-box ideas.

Ing. Jakub Maščuch, Ph.D. (mentor) graduated in Power systems engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague, where he devoted to Organic Rankin Cycles (ORC) design in the Ph.D. study of decentralized power systems. From 2013 until present he works as a leader of Organic Rankin Cycles and their Applications Laboratory (LORCA) at the University Center of Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) of the Czech Technical University in Prague, which he founded. LORCA focuses on Applied Research for Energy Devices for Decentralized Energy systems using ORC. Within the CTU, the UCEEB has experience in the operation of micro-turbines and other new energy technologies.

Jan Fousek (mentor) is a Managing Director of Solar Global, one of Czech leading PV power producers, green-energy trading house, service provider and investor into large-capacity batteries. He is also a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Solar Association of the Czech Republic, where he is responsible for European agenda, energy trading legislation, media and worldwide presence at conferences. In July 2017, he also became a CEO of AKU-BAT CZ, the association for supporting energy storage and large-scale battery systems. In years 2011 – 2016, Jan acted as a founder and co-owner of Virtuse Energy, that time one of the Europe´s largest emissions and energy trading house. He was the first foreign entrepreneur in the world, whose company joined the emerging Chinese emission markets (firstly Shenzhen) in 2014.

Anna Tůmová (mentor) serves on the position of Head of Marketing & PR of České Radiokomunikace (CRA) since 2015. In her role she manages CRA marketing strategy, planning and activities. In 2016 Anna Tůmová oversaw the complete rebranding of the company. CRA currently hosts number of innovative marketing events and contests, for example in IoT field and CRA’s communication style corresponds with the most recent marketing trends (content marketing activities, social media etc.). Before joining CRA Anna Tůmová served in management of her own marketing company and also as marketing manager at Lukoil Czech Republic. She completed studies of business and management at Lomonosow Moscow State University.

Petr Németh (mentor) has a strong background in both software development and database technologies. As an engineer, Petr participated in large-scale deployments of solutions for high-performance data storage, machine learning and data analytics in the UK, Czech Republic and in The Netherlands. Having a passion for learning new things and emerging technologies brought him to the exciting world of IoT. He is currently occupied as IoT Architect at CRA, one of the leading providers of IoT solutions in the country, with a prime focus on data storage and integration.

Petr Malík (mentor) holds a position of product manager for Telco area at České Radiokomunikace since 2014. He is responsible for complete Telco product portfolio and participates on IoT projects and product development as well as the projects in the area of the new digital TV broadcasting standard DVB-T2. Petr Malík completed Telecommunication Technology programme at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava and he had gained much experience on the technical positions while studying.

Martin Šimeček (mentor) works for Microsoft Czech Republic & Slovakia as a Technical Evangelist. His job is to discover and learn what’s new with Microsoft technologies for developers and then pass this information forward, so that developers have enough information to be efficient and benefit from the technology. He does trainings, consultations, records videos and screencasts, talks at conferences and works with ISV parters on their projects. His primary areas of focus are Microsoft Azure, mobile apps, gaming and conversational bots.

Jan Pospíšil (mentor) is Sr. Technology Evangelist @ Microsoft, SW a solution Architect, Developer, IoT & DIY Geek, Father, Husband, technocrat. His passions are IoT gadgets, IoT solutions, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, New Technologies (even bleeding edge), e-commerce, robotics, automation, coding. He’d like to meet you for a chat about those topics and how you use them together with Azure services to boost your business.

Tadeáš Salaba (mentor) has broad experience from energetic and economic field. He is responsible for economical valuation, technical analysis and developing business strategies for ultimate beneficiary of Czech Coal Group. Wide range of his focus goes from classical sources of energy (ie. coal-fired power plants, heat plants,..) to trading models on power exchange markets (short/long term trading). Tadeas acquired his knowledge at ČVUT (CTU – Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Management) in Prague and at Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), where he successfully finished his Masters programs. Now he continues at ČVUT on Phd. program with dissertation: „Business strategies of coal-fired power plants“.

Boris Knuf, B.Sc. Ph.D. (mentor) is a Product Manager at Škoda Auto, Electric Car Division. After four years as a Design Engineer in automotive supply industry, he joined the Volkswagen Group in 1999 and specialises in Cost Engineering, New Product Development and Financial Analysis. He has worked on new car projects for AUDI, SEAT, VW and SKODA brands in Germany, Spain, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

Jil Katharina Mahler (mentor) is a product strategist for Sales and Marketing at Skoda Auto, Electric Car division. She defines market and customer requirements for future full-electric Skoda models, conducts pricing strategies, volume and competitor analysis. Before joining Skoda, she held the same position at Porsche AG, Germany and was working on their “Mission E”. She brings in experience from over 8 years in automotive industry working for AUDI, Porsche and Skoda and is highly passionate about new technologies and trends in general.

Jan Železný (mentor) is an eMobility expert with special emphasis on Traction battery of the electric vehicle. Having operated in various roles within the international automotive environment, he gained the expertise to bring various innovative approaches regarding Battery Utilization to SKODA AUTO. Jan makes sure that the whole life span of the battery is being utilized. He is developing new business models connected to the battery including the implementation into small (home), mid-size and large-scale energy storages, intelligent load management systems and furthermore its integration into the SMART grid.

Neele Wieczorek, Dr.-Ing. (mentor) earned her PhD in microelectronics in the field of Electronic Design Automation at Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany in 2012. After four years operating in various roles in the body & trim development of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, she joined ŠKODA Auto in December 2015 as the executive assistant to the board member of the technical development. Neele is highly enthusiastic about improving the user experience behind technology and she loves to build up and push forward innovative projects.

Tomáš Žídek (mentor) is one of founding member of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab responsible for management of project portfolio. Before that 5 years in start-up environment and far more in history experience in consulting. Master degree in informatics and statistics at University of Economics in Prague. One of the key topic I am focused now is electro mobility. How I can help you as a mentor- service definition, business model building, how to make good pitch, sharing economy business models, electro mobility world, marketing, data analysis, coffee chats.

Petr Svoboda (mentor) has been working for Unicorn since 2001, currently at the position of Senior Consultant in the energy domain. He is a skilled architect, responsible for analysis and design of information systems covering given business issues and solutions reflecting the customers’ needs. His strengths include extensive experience from number of business domains and ability to bridge the gap between business and IT thanks to the technical knowledge. He specialises on the energetics, mainly on the exchange of information between TSOs, data formats, integration issues, control systems, grid security and network models.

Petr Smitka (mentor) has been working for Unicorn since 1995. After starting his career as a developer, he held the position of Production Division Manager from 1998 to 2007. Since 2008, he has been working mainly as Solution Architect in information system design. In 2011, Petr Smitka was appointed Senior Consultant for the Energy Industry. The champion of development and upgrading of the Damas platform, he has ample experience in design of efficient data models and applications supporting secure transactions.

Miloš Mojžiš (mentor) works for Unicorn, the leading European ICT company in the energy industry, as a senior consultant. He is a specialist in the analysis, design and development of energy information systems. In the long term, he focuses mainly on energy trading and control systems. He has domestic and international experience with dozens of IT projects realized mainly for transmission system operators and power exchanges. He is actively involved in the development and integration of the electricity market in Europe. Miloš is also a member of IEC TC 57 working group whose aim is to standardize market communications on the international energy market.

Jan Vydržel (mentor) graduated in Technical Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague. Starting his career as a freelance developer, he then moved to the field of analysis and design. He has been involved in the creation a number of automotive, multimedia and financial information systems. Jan Vydržel joined Unicorn in 2009 and works currently at the position of Senior Consultant in the energy domain with the latest focus in the area of electric vehicles and electrical energy accumulation. He benefits from his rich abilities and skills during the business analysis and subsequent design of sophisticated, feature rich and highly efficient information systems according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Miloslav Mikulčík (mentor) joined OICT as a project manager. His main focus is in energetic projects and data projects combined with energy. He has experience as a project manager and design engineer in industry from Switzerland and the Czech Republic (projects for EMEA region). Miloslav studied Entrepreneurship and management in industry at Czech Technical University with University of Economics in Prague. He also graduated in Intelligent buildings, Architecture and urbanism at CTU. He is focused on the business view of technical ideas and he is ready to support your team.

Kateřina Lochschmidtová (mentor) works for Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Praha) as data analyst in field of an urban and strategical planning. Her focus is on obtaining information from spatial data but she also has an experience with analyzing data from sociological quantitative research. Katerina can provide a detailed information about Prague’s opendata. She graduated in Geomatics at the Czech Technical University and in Historical Sociology at the Charles University.