Prof. Štěpán Svačina (judge) studied Charles University- Faculty of General Medicine 1972-1978. He was a Vice-dean of 1st medical faculty Charles University 1993-1999, dean of 1st medical faculty Charles University 1999-2005 and chief of the 3rd Medical department (endocrinology and metabolism) since 2001. Prof. Svačina published approx 300 articles and 15 monographs (e.g. Obesity and diabetes, Prevention of diabetes, Hypertension in obesity and diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Medical informatics, Internet in medicine, Metabolic effects of psychotropic drugs, Clinical dietology etc.).

Tomáš Studeník (CEE Hacks Organizer & Mentor) is radical innovator and strategist with over 15 years of experience in marketing. Tomáš holds MBA from University of Liverpool and continues with post-gradual studies of innovation at HEC Paris. Tomáš organized first global CEE Hacks hackathon in 2017. Apart from consulting companies on innovation strategy, Tomáš holds monthly FuckUp Nights where lessons from failure are publicly shared by distinguished entrepreneurs, scientists and artists.

prof. MUDr. Aleksi Šedo, DrSc. (judge) is the Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine. Aleksi Sedo graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague in 1986. He received his PhD in Medical Chemistry and biochemistry (1990) and DSc. in Oncology (2000) at the Charles University as well. Aleksi Sedo is an author of numerous papers in international peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, invited/plenary lectures and co-author of local and international patents. He is also the Chair of the Institute of Biochemistry and Experimental Oncology and its Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology, a joint venture with the First Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

MUDr. Tomáš Šebek (judge & mentor) has completed his general medicine studies at the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. In 2004, he founded a company and as an entrepreneur he operates a unique medical website (for HCPs) and a telemedicine project (for PTs) – the number one Czech website in the health category and further virtual hospital. In 2010, he joined the international organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and went on his first mission in Haiti. In 2013, he started working in the surgical intensive care unit of the Hospital of St. Francis in Prague. Tomáš is a consultant of general surgery with almost 16 years of surgical experience. He currently specializes in laparoscopic procedures of the abdominal cavity and, as a war surgeon of Doctors Without Borders missions (MSF), treats abdominal, thorax and limb trauma.

Kateřina Vacková (judge & mentor) I am a 27 yo young doctor and entrepreneur based in Prague, Czech Republic. I successfully finished my studies at the First Faculty of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. Three years ago I founded a non-profit organisation Loono with the mission to motivate people to think about their health in time after my personal experience with cancer. I have won the Social Innovation Prize and was endorsed as a Young Leader in the 30 Under 30 list by Forbes Magazine. I get up at 6 am everyday and practice yoga. I love surfing, coffee and Vietnamese cuisine. You can usually meet me wearing a white shirt and red lipstick.

Jiří Kyliš (judge & mentor) I have been focusing on Healthcare and Healthcare IT since 1996. I´ve led analytical projects of various sizes and types in area of Healthcare – mainly Quality of Care, Medical Standards and Guidelines, Business Intelligence and Clinical Intelligence. From 2004 to 2010 I focused on management – I worked as a Delivery and Division Director of Healthcare Department. Since 2011 I have focused on business development in Healthcare IT in the Czech Republic and abroad – especially in the former Soviet Union countries. Education: Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence. Employer: ICZ a.s Specialties: Healthcare IT, Business Development, eHealth, Business Intelligence, musician, music fan and passionate book reader.

Agáta Meštellérová (judge & mentor) is an investment manager in Penta Investments – a CEE private equity fund investing i.e. into healthcare. As a project team member responsible for Dr.Max, Agata set up an internal innovation team under the name SmartLab, striving to make Dr.Max leader in the innovations in the pharma distribution sector.

Martin Zubek (judge & mentor) Having a business and IT expertise in several verticals, especially in healthcare, finance, transportation and logistics, Martin is experienced professional building networks of partners and developing and architecting software applications in the region of Central Europe. His passion is building Health Information Exchanges at the regional or national level is a technical and business leader in projects delivering Electronic Patient Record at the provider level and Electronic Health Record at the regional or national level in Central Europe, specifically the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Karel Kantor (judge & mentor) I am passionate about all the innovations. Innovations are the way how to move forward and not to come to a standstill. I love to discuss them and bring them to life. I am interested in all innovations with the potential to help to treat people better. I work in healthcare industry for more than eleven years. All of these years I have been with AGEL Group working on various positions including Innovation manager. Now I work as the Head of Project management office and take care of some nice projects. I am looking forward to talking to the teams and trying to help them to make innovations happen.

Tomas Petsinis (mentor & judge) studied strategic management. He took part in the privatization of hospitals in the Central Bohemian Region in 2007 and was subsequently appointed as Operational Director and Board Member of Hořovice Hospital and Beroun Hospital. His goal is to build a modern and welcoming hospital preferred by patients for exceptional patient services, high-quality health care and the latest technology and medical equipment.

Ctibor Jappel (mentor) am a marketing, PR a communications professional with experience from companies such as O2, Ceska sporitelna and Amazon. I have experience in bringing huge projects to the market and helping them grow through proactive communication with the public and media. I also worked as a journalist for two major newspapers in the Czech Republic. I enjoy reading, golf, and my family.

Štefan Doležal (mentor) UX and Design specialist at ŠKODA AUTO Digilab with background in Technological-anthropology, Multimedia Design and Communication. I can help you how to make your design/product/service human-centered. I have an experience from start-up, maker/hacker space environment, automotive and research. Enthusiastic photographer, love aesthetics, design, nature, science and plants.

Iryna Kasumava (mentor) Mobility specialist and project manager at SKODA AUTO DigiLab. Working with interdisciplinary teams through service design process from idea and research to prototype and tests. Human-centric in everything I do. Digging deep to understand customer and sprinting for business innovation. Being originally from Belarus will be happy to bring insights about Central East mentality to the table if needed. Languages you can speak with me – English, Russian, Czech.

Pavel Barcal (mentor) Innovation project manager and concept designer at Skoda Auto with focus on cabin interior and Health topics. Understanding customer’s needs and developing great products thanks to Human Centered Design. Beach volleyball player and constantly lost orienteering runner.

Jan Hořický (mentor) As a financial analyst for ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, Honza helps his awesome colleagues to find the sources of profit in their projects including challenging of the business cases, building financial models or helping with structuring and negotiations of supplier contracts. In ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Honza was lucky to structure of the HoppyGo Joint Venture and work on first foreign venturing investment of ŠKODA AUTO in Anagog. Before joining ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab Honza worked in corporate banking and strucutured finace.

Jiří Prokop (mentor) is since 2015 Head of Health Services and Ergonomics in SKODA AUTO. Jiří is responsible for occupational health care, preventive care, a broad destination (onsite care, care for FSEs) and ergonomics in PEP. Jiří has a large experience in management of Czech private healthcare institutions, cooperation with 1. and 3.LF UK, clinical experience in MOU Brno and units of palliative care.

David Kadleček, PhD. (mentor) earned a degree in artificial intelligence. Before joining IBM, he worked for startup companies in Czech republic and in Sillicon Valley. He has about 20 years of experience in designing and implementing IT systems. Nowadays, David is inteupreneur at IBM building innovative agile teams that are developing solutions in financial sector, health, manufacturing and smart cities. These teams or rather labs have startup mentality, connect business with technology and university research, and leverage unique synergy between IoT and machine learning.

Jan Pulkrábek (mentor) I am person who loves puzzle solving – I can solve Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes, I love to play chess and all kinds of games. This passion drives me both in my personal and professional life. I am taking each new project, problem or obstacle with this attitude and I am trying to figure out the best solution from all angles and based on criteria which I am given. Now I am Head of Product Dáme jídlo.

Jan Rosický (mentor) is currently responsible for a global expansion of Invent Medical company that he co-founded. Invent Medical’s goal is to use 3D scanning, 3D printing, digitalisation and automation to develop a new generation of smart advanced orthotic and prosthetic products. He previously worked as a business development specialist in medical companies and a senior UX designer. As the only Czech, Jan received a prestigious international award by Royal Society of Arts in London for his design concept of a new generation banking digital platform. Jan was included in the “30 Under 30” list of talented young Czechs by Forbes magazine.

Lucie Kvapilová (mentor) is a part of CEAi as a Product manager working on development of AI-based biotech & healthcare SW products. Apart from that, she is organizer of Machine Learning Meetups Bratislava. Her previous experiences include mobile app products and biotech R&D focused on portable sensors. Her major is Molecular Biology and Biotechnology with specialization on electrochemistry & biophysics area. One of Lucka ‘s biggest passions is use of new technologies (both HW and SW) together with data to facilitate innovation in bio- and health- sciences.

MUDr. Jarmila Zipserová (mentor) has a long-term specialization as a Physical, Balneological and Medical Physician rehabilitation. She is an expert in the latest therapeutic rehabilitation methods with foreign background and has several years of experience with TheraSuit®. Jarmila has completed several courses of this method.

Mgr. Bc. David Soviš (mentor) is a graduate of Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Physical Culture of the Palacký University in Olomouc. David gained experience at rehabilitation clinics in Olomouc and in hospital in Uherské Hradiště. Besides physiotherapy, he also devoted himself to the study of rekreology. His motto: “Don’t use it, you lose it”.

MUDr. Jiří Náhlovský (mentor) is a physician board certified in paediatrics with 10+ years of experience working in neonatal and paediatric surgery intensive care units. He is also a university teacher fluent in Czech and English language. He likes solving puzzles and delights in explaining complex medical concepts to non-professionals. He likes the challenge that lies in trying to simplify medical problems without making the explanation reductive. His hobbies include travelling, literaure and playing board/card games (MtG).

MUDr. Radek Fiala (mentor) is a vascular surgeon. He graduated in 2004 from Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, completed his specialist training in vascular surgery in 2012 and currently is the head of vascular unit at Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, University Hospital Motol, Prague. Besides vascular surgery his clinical focus is vascular disorders in pediatric patients, kidney transplantation in children, multi organ harvesting and heart valve dissection and processing. He is a member of several professional societies such as Czech Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, Czech Transplant Society and Society for Organ Transplantation. Since his studies he is interested in online medical educational projects and telemedicine. His motto is “If you never try you will never know”.

Zdeněk Kolář (mentor) is an active student of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and co-owner of JoTio Tech s.r.o. which was founded in the business incubator „PointOne“ in the middle of 2016 and deals primarily with IoT projects. Within the company, I am in charge of the development and testing of hardware from the design of the electronics to the 3D printing technology. One of the other domains are modern wireless networks for battery sensors. In the field of healthcare, I see a great opportunity to deploy modern technologies that can really help. In my personal life, I am interested in intelligent buildings, cars and of course the development of society.

Patrik Prochazka (mentor), a psychologist and motivator, graduated from the Open Gate School and traveled to the United States where, thanks to the support of the Bakala Foundation and The Kellner Family Foundation, he completed his studies in psychology at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. He participates in a number of projects and leads his private psychological practice. There, as well as on his lectures at schools and in companies, with the help of his unique life experience, he leads people to understand that in life what we wish for is possible.

Filip Španiel, M.D., Ph.D. (mentor), Psychiatrist and neuroscientist, head of Department of applied neuroscience and neuroimaging at National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic. At his current position in NIMH, Dr. Spaniel organizes and participates in numerous projects in the field of neuroimaging and IT-aided relapse prevention programs in patients with psychotic disorders. Dr. Spaniel is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

Ing. Eduard Bakštein, Ph.D (mentor) is a researcher and data scientist with a focus on biomedical signal processing and machine learning. He is enthusiastic about applying artificial intelligence techniques to practical problems of medical diagnostics and patient future state prediction. In his research, he developed automatic methods for signal processing and analysis of brain activity in Parkinson’s disease, recorded using deep brain electrodes. Currently, he is the head of the lab at the Czech National Institute of mental health, aimed at automatic diagnosis and relapse prevention in psychosis and bipolar disorder.

Marko Nguyen (mentor) As Customer Success Manager, Marko works closely with clients who want to get their data in order, mostly from the retail and banking industries. Before joining Keboola Marko worked as a sales manager for and as Auditor Assistant focusing on IT controls and processes at PwC. In parallel to his job, Marko has worked on several startup projects of his own. His most notable launch was, a lost and found system. In his free time, Marko enjoys riding his motorbike and doing all kinds of sports, airsoft being his favourite choice.

Adam Carda (mentor) has completed his social and mass communication studies at University of Jan Amos Komensky in 2009. After 10 years in media (Economia a.s., Barrandov TV, Hitradio FM) and 3 years in non-profit organization Children Crisis Center he moved to the health services. In 2015 he became a director of Kompletní péče s.r.o. that takes care of clients in home care, mobile hospice and nephrology. Nowadays, he is taking care of clients in five districts of Central Bohemia region. They have helped more than thousand of clients in their households already. Now, his mission is to make Czechs talk about death openly at Důstojný Odchod NGO.

Zdeněk Gütter, Ph.D (mentor) has his expertise in healthcare innovations based on information and communication technologies. He focuses on new health and care models using digital technologies, assessment of innovative services and evaluation of impacts.  He is particularly involved in on deployment of digitally-enabled care solutions for chronic diseases. He coordinates programs and international projects for the Czech National eHealth Center (NTMC) of the University Hospital Olomouc (UHO).

Michal Štýbnar (mentor) is a project manager and coodinator in the Czech National eHealth Center in University Hospital Olomouc and Medical Faculty at Palacky University. He is specialized in telemedicine and its implementation in to the routine practice. He has participated in many projects focused on eHealth, telemedicine, mHealth in field of chronic illneses (especially chronic heart failure, diabetes, anticoagulation treatment etc.).

David Čechlovský (mentor)is a CRM Sales Manager at Dr.Max pharmacy chain counting over 400 pharmacies in Czech Republic. He is responsible for handling personalized direct marketing campaigns to Dr.Max loyalty program members. Using his pharmaceutical background and know-how of pharmaceutical business he utilizes all factors to reach effective results. David is also first winner of IdeaBox  – Dr.Max internal innovation challenge. He is the right person to answer any questions regarding Dr.Max clients´ purchase behaviour.

Luboš Korbelář (mentor) is a Sales and Marketing Director, Dr.Max Czech Republic. For the last 12 years, Lubos has been responsible for sales and marketing activities including rollout of most successful client program in the Czech Republic or for pricing excellence project. Prior to joining Dr.Max, Lubos worked at commercial positions for Zentiva, Johnson&Johnson and P&G.<

Jakub Turner (mentor) manages Keboola’s operations in Prague and London and is responsible for the company’s marketing and sales activities across the European continent. Having been Keboola’s Customer Success Manager for two years prior to his current position, Jakub has unique insights into the BI solutions market as well as clients’ pains and needs. Before joining Keboola, Jakub spent five years in Sun Marketing, an online marketing agency where he advanced all the way from Account manager to Head of Sales. Jakub enjoys freeletics and audiobooks.

Jan König (mentor) A founder and a director of a neurorehabilitation center for people with aquired brain damage ERGO Aktiv, o.p.s. He graduated at the Charles University in Psychology, Chemistry and English language. After years working in marketing consultancy he founded ERGO Aktiv as a reaction to his personal experience with nonexistent post- accute rehabilitation for stroke survivors in the Czech republic. For last 8 years he focuses on developing and leacturing workshops focused on change of habits, stress management, healthy life style and coordinated movement in the office. He practises qi gong and plays ice hockey.

Miroslav Palat (mentor) joined Johnson&Johnson Medical as a Economic Outcomes Specialist to become Director, Clinical and Economic Outcomes Central Europe in 2000. Responsibilities periodically included market access, line management, process management and strategic planning. 2005 – 2008 he developed and implemented EMEA-wide the concept of Strategic Affairs, an integration of the health economic, medical, government and communication functions. Since 2008 he serves as the president of CzechMed – a trade association of the medical devices industry. He represents it’s positions towards the government and payers of health care. Herein he ccordinates with similar groups in the EU via the European health technology association MedTechEurope.

Andry Philippe (mentor) Currently, I am heading the Data Management Department in Accord Research (AR), member of the PPF Group. AR is responsible for the management of all clinical trials of the biotechnology company SOTIO. I started in the pharmaceutical industry in Data Management in 1990. As such, I witnessed and took part in the extraordinary metamorphosis Data Management underwent these past decades and will still undergo over the next years.

Ondřej Hoferek (mentor) enjoys embracing challenges. Especially, when it comes to useful comprehensive software solutions involving for example orchestrations, distributed processing, user workflow modelling, business intelligence and actionable analytics. As an InterSystems sales engineer, he focuses on applying and spreading his knowledge and experience in the areas of healthcare, smart cities, knowledge management and transportation.

Jakub Kudláček (mentor) I studied Wireless Communications at the Czech Technical University in Prague. I had been working 4.5 years for IBM, finishing my career as the IoT Tech Solution Architect. I decided to leave my job and follow my own dreams to combine technology and fitness. As a former professional ice-hockey player, I had gone through many injuries and after a 16-year career, I decided to switch into Calisthenics (body weight exercises), which taught me a lot about my own body and how to use it effectively without any problems and pain. Later, I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis, a condition in which a bone in your back (vertebra) slides forward over the bone below it. Doctors were sure I had to stop training. I didn’t give up and today based on my experience I am a Fitness Trainer with specialization on diagnostics & rehabilitation.

Radim Krupička, Ph.D. (mentor) is a researcher and computer scientist with a focus on neurological image processing and human motion measurement and analysis. He is enthusiastic about applying computers to practical problems of medical diagnostics and patient state objective description and future prediction. In his research, he developed methods for tremor and bradykinesia analysis in Parkinson’s disease. Currently, he is a researcher at Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University.

Ruda Ringelhán (mentor) is in electrical engineering. With more than 25 years of experience in digital media he has built hundreds of online project focused on health and medicine. He is the co-founder of two significant healthcare platforms: proLékař, the biggest information and education website for healthcare professionals in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the virtual hospital uLékař, a telemedicine project connecting patients and doctors with the power of technology.

Jakub Kozák (mentor) CEO and co-founder of a start-up called Datlowe, which develops smart solutions for hospitals using advanced data analytics such as natural language processing and machine learning. HAIDi, an AI-powered assistant for surveillance of healthcare-associated infections, is one of those solutions. Jakub manages the company and is the lead designer of its solutions. Besides that, he has extensive experience with integration of heterogeneous data sources in healthcare, e.g., connecting the information on drugs using graph databases for the project Drug Encyclopedia. Jakub graduated in mathematics at Charles University, likes to bring innovative ideas to life and work on new challenges.

Vojtěch Novák (mentor) is an active student of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and co-owner of JoTio Tech s.r.o. More information about the our company can be found at mentor Zdeněk kolář. In our company I specialize in SW, cloud and business. I spend part of my free time in the activities of the Czech Red Cross. I am the leader of the team in the humanitarian unit of ČČK Praha 1. By hobby is to be a sound technician of cultural and social events. Within the hackathon I am fully available to you.

David Pech (mentor) is the head of in-house development teams in the AGEL Group, the largest private healthcare provider in Central Europe. He oversees the development of IKIS, the company’s own EHR. He struggles to bring innovations to the Czech environment that has local specifics, including a non-standardized environment, lack of proper funding and other braking elements. Due to the team dedication over the years, IKIS is the leading EHR and a pioneer eHealth platform in Czechia.