24-26 April 2020 Prague


Welcome to the CEEHACKS Smart Building Hackathon Prague 2020

Form a three-member hacking team or apply on your own, pick a challenge and win 50 000, 30 000 or 20 000 CZK and a number of partner prizes.

Prize Money

100.000 CZK

Would you like to work on the next big game-changing idea in smart building? How about meeting TOP industry partners and striking a deal which will shift your idea into big business? Are you sick of sitting in your office everyday and keep thinking how to make it a better environment to work in? Or do you fancy changing the future with your own & new company?

So come to the Hackathon, hack the challenges and change the future of smart building!

Hours of hacking

Praga Studios
Modern venue in the centre of Prague


1. Improving Existing Projects
Development of an existing partner application / product.

2. Residential Parking
Business case for the use of office parking spaces by residents.

3. Value-added Services
Laundry, delivery of goods & food, shared transport, pop-up coworking, roof garden, shopping etc. How to make life of employees easier and how to save their time?

4. Facility Management
Building maintenance, cleaning and repairs. Can it work better and/or more efficiently?

5. Security
Building & IT access management, IT infrastructure & communication security etc. Can you think of solutions providing more security or lowering the costs?

6. Sustainability
Recycling, grey water, energy savings, zero waste, kitchen waste. Can buildings be more ecological and prevent unnecessary energy wasting or resources spending?

7. Comfort & Productivity
Lighting, ambiance, relax space, interior design, food & drinks, fresh air, stress reduction. Or something else?
Will you think of a better manner how to handle interior spaces in order to increase productivity and happiness of employees?

8. Healthier working space
World Health Organization’s study says that in 1984 “only” 30 percent of people working in developed countries suffered from unhealthy office environment syndrome. This ratio was 60 percent by 2002 due to air condition in open spaces, lights etc. Can you help to make it healthier?

9. Electric Vehicles & Charging
Autonomous and electric vehicles will surround us soon. Can smart building help smart mobility? Help creating charging stations, shared fleets for employees and public.

10. Internet of Things & Use of Data
There is plenty of office buildings data people can use. Sensors can analyze people movement, energy consumption, employees’ productivity, interior design and much more. Build a new hardware gadget or come up with new service based on IoT. How can we use all data produced by buildings?

11. This might be your challenge
As a Hackathon partner, you have a chance to submit your challenge focused on how to make buildings safer, more comfortable & sustainable or how they can be more connected with people in the neighborhood etc.


  • FRIDAY 24 April
  • Praga Studios

16:00 Registration and Coffee
17:00 Welcome & Keynote Speeches
17:30 Group Photo
17:45 Partner/Challenge Presentations
18:30 Data & Tools Presentations
19:00 Mentor Introductions
20:00 Teams Formation
20:30 Dinner
21:00 Hacking Starts

  • SATURDAY 25 April
  • Praga Studios 

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Hacking Continues
11:00 Workshop – To be specified
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hacking Continues
15:00 Workshop – To be specified
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Hacking Continues

  • SUNDAY 26 April
  • Praga Studios

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Pitch Preparation & Training
12:00 Lunch
14:00 DEMO Ceremony Starts
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Winners Announced
17:00 Networking
18:00 Goodbye

Registrations Open

17 FEBRUARY 2020

Registrations Close

31 MARCH 2020

Invitations To Be Sent

3 APRIL 2020

Hackathon Starts

24 APRIL 2020

Winners Announced

26 APRIL 2020

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